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Grand Theft Auto V is the sequel to the heist franchise. The GTA 5 action takes you to Los Santos, where you have to observe the stories of three characters: Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. As usual, the plots are headed by robberies, crimes, and shootings, but at the same time, the game has an excellent storyline that reveals all the main characters. The player must choose the end of the plot himself. For this, the developers have prepared as many as three endings.

However, those who decided to download and install GTA 5 notice the difference after half an hour of playing. Rockstar has taken a huge step forward in drawing game details, improving graphics, and moving away from conservatism.

Game GTA 5 features, or what’s new?

  • The heroes of GTA 5 are also excellent. There are three of them. Moreover, the creators very competently approached their characters and storylines in general.
  • Here you can play as Michael, a former bank robber who has his own mansion and a large amount of free time under the witness protection program.
  • You can run after Franklin, a black ghetto who does everything to climb the social ladder.
  • Well, how without a cruel but intelligent psychopath named Trevor? He is a former pilot. In his dreams, all the time, there were trade-in weapons and drugs on a large scale. Each of them is an eccentric and colorful character in its own way.

Game GTA 5 Plot

If you decide to download GTA 5 – remember that the storyline of this arcade-simulator-race distinguishes it from all previous parts. At least the number of main characters – there are already three of them. So, before you is the city of Los Santos, where many stars “at the end” of their careers live, various dirty reality shows rule. And in general, it is a city mired of economic problems. Of course, this is far from the most promising place to live, and even more so for a decent and legitimate income.

In the game, you will be able to play a game on behalf of three characters. You will get acquainted with the deep personal history of each of them. However, the details of the biographies of the heroes will also reveal during the game.

Trevor is a former pilot, burglar, and drug addict who loves to destroy everything around him. Someone wants to follow the path of a black guy Franklin to break out to the very peak of the “food chain” of Los Santos. Michael is another very colorful character, a former bank robber trying to start a normal life and find mutual understanding in his own family. Fate brings these characters together. Each of them has their own affairs, their own problems. But it only depends on you whether all three characters survive until the end of the main plot of GTA 5 review, or you will calmly drink martinis and grow old alone.


A distinctive feature of this part is to control the three main characters – Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. Switching between them occurs at any time convenient for the player and during some missions – using scripts. Each hero has unique abilities. By choosing Franklin, the player can slow down time while driving. Michael’s ability allows you to slow down time at the moment of firing, which improves accuracy. Trevor can activate Madman Mode, which makes him much powerful. As an innovation, Rockstar added the ability to rob banks, from the planning stage to the raid and escape from the police. Also, the player can now buy real estate and participate in stock trading.


How does GTA 5 deliver on its promises? The answer to that is ‘on all fronts, although it will differ per player where the saturation is found.

Are you looking for the freedom that GTA games bring? GTA 5 is your game, even if the vast majority of the world is filled with sparsely populated open plains and mountain areas.

But even in its most thankless square meter, you encounter GTA 5 in its purest form, and there are adventures to be found. If it’s not a random encounter with a bunch of hillbillies, then it’s another striking vehicle roaring.


During the game GTA 5 review, you can switch between all three characters at any time. While one of the heroes is walking the streets of Los Santos, while you can “have fun” for the second, robbing the bank.

The developers have moved away from the obsessive go-fetch, go-kill, each of the missions is original and exciting. More than three hundred types of transport, improved tuning, and realism in detail – all this is now available to a wide range of players who decided to download GTA 5.

The GTA 5 review is characterized by the return to the game of fun and entertainment. In addition to the story missions, of which there are about 70 in the game. Intermediate and main robberies missions are competently perfect, for which you need to prepare for a long time and carefully. In general, Game GTA 5 Review cannot be called clearly an action game or an action movie. If positional skirmishes get bored, a shooter turns on; the meat gets bored – shoot with a sniper rifle, tired of shooting – join the chase. This stuffing of events will not let you get bored.

Come to GTA 5 and humor of life situations, which, thanks to the realism of the GTA 5 game, makes it really funny.

Download GTA 5 game

You can download GTA 5 for your PC from the given link. The file contains the original game setup. After downloading GTA 5 game, run the file and wait for the game to install. 


Grand Theft Auto 5 is the fifteenth part, currently the last official part of the series of games “Grand Theft Auto.” It is the largest and most ambitious project and a most exciting project. The game offers an amazing, addicting, exciting, and stunning storyline, coupled with incredibly enjoyable gameplay, high-quality graphics, believable, carefully designed physics make the experience of passing an unforgettable experience. It is a masterpiece.

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